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Guiding Star Therapy, founded by Lina Sampson, is on a journey to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals through Hypnotherapy and healing services. She is dedicated to offering transformative Hypnotherapy sessions through the internet, reaching out to individuals seeking personal growth and positive change.

In addition to these sessions, Lina also facilitates group hypnosis experiences, creating a sense of community and collective growth, both online and in person. These interactive and engaging sessions offer a unique opportunity for participants to embark on an educational fun and spiritual journey.

Lina is deeply committed to helping individuals find solutions to common personal and interpersonal issues. Drawing from her qualifications and a rich tapestry of life experiences cultivated through international living, she brings a global perspective to the healing process.

What sets Lina apart is her deep appreciation for the clients she serves. She views each client as a source of infinite inspiration, a continuous wellspring of knowledge, and a driving force for her personal growth and development. Beyond her professional role, Lina draws inspiration from her roles as a daughter, mother, and wife. These relationships have cultivated a deep well of empathy and understanding, reinforcing her commitment to improving the lives of clients and contributing positively to the world we all share. Guiding Star Therapy is Lina's platform for this transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.


Guiding Star Therapy

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