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I am beyond grateful to have met Lina. She genuinely cares about me and makes herself available when I need her help. I feel so much more stable emotionally and even physically in just couple months after we started the weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Lina. Thank you, Lina, for your love and care!

Katia U.

in Connecticut

"This is my first time doing hypnotherapy and Lina has been an absolute joy to work with. From her welcoming spirit and youthful energy, Lina truly cares about her clients which is shown through her dedication to schedule sessions consistently week over week and accomodate their schedules, and extra time and care she takes to ensure clients get as much as possible out of each session. She exudes kindness and radiantes positivity which is contagious in helping clients increase their self-confidence and learn more about themselves and their capacity to heal, increase self-awareness, and become the best versions of themselves. I give my highest recommendation for Lina and am so fortunate to be able to work with her!"

-Leeane C


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